MS ODBC driver update for 11.5 Web Viewer
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MS ODBC driver update for 11.5 Web Viewer


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Output Management Web Viewer


The version of ODBC on the Server that is running 11.5 Web Viewer need to be updated. How does this impact Web Viewer? How much of an outage will occur when this is implemented?

A Microsoft tech told us this about a possible outage:  

"I don't know how often your application tries to read the existing DSN. If it reads it only once at startup and never again while running, then you could replace the old one with a new one and have no interruption until you deliberately recycle the app. If you don't know for sure, then you could theoretically cause the app to break from the time it tries to read the old DSN after you delete it until the time you get the new one in place, and that's just a factor of how long it takes you to create it."


Release : 11.5



How to take down Web Viewer and IIS?

You can:

  • Bring up the IIS Administration app
  • From the main Folder in the "Tree" on the left, do a right-click->stop
  • From a command prompt opened as "Run as Administrator", do one of these commands:
    net stop w3svc
    net stop iisadmin

What needs to be configured in Odbcad32?

You may need to redefine/configure the System DSN for the System Data Source defining your database and table

Is it possible to just review the current settings? When I click next will it update now or just display?

You can go through the entire "configure" to review the current settings for the System DSN being used now, without impact - as long as you don't delete it.

What about the update from Microsoft?

The specification from Microsoft is correct.

Steps to update the ODBC Driver

  • Log into the Admin Tool,
  • Reset the database setting credentials, even if you do not change the name of the database or server.
  • It will list the server choices
  • Select the one you want and the SQL information entered and click "Update".
  • No ODBC work on the SQL server is required. Use the odbcad32.exe from SYSWOW64 to make/remake the SQL connection to the server.