How do I find the installed license and all the information pertaining to the license on my CAPAM node
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How do I find the installed license and all the information pertaining to the license on my CAPAM node


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM) CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager - Server Control (PAMSC)


I need to find the location of the installed license for my CAPAM, to determine the expiration date and what options I am licensed for.


Release : 3.X



Management requires auditing of all machines that require licenses and may need contract or license renewals.


To find the information concerning the installed license, it is installed in two places.  Sysinfo and Configuration/Licensing.

Go to the CAPAM dashboard and click on Sysinfo/Licensing tab and then Hardware Identifier tab.  This is the basic information for your license, what is enabled and the quantities, and the Hardware ID. Then click on Configuration/Licensing to see your license in it's entirety as well as the Type of license and the Start and Expiration dates

On the Licensing page, starting from the top to the bottom, it lists all of the Enabled or Disabled options or quantities that are available for that option.

Near the very bottom, is the Start Date, End Date and Type of license.  A license is either Perpetual or Term.  All licenses have a Start Date, but only Term licenses have an End Date.  The Type of license is noted just under the End date.  The Hardware ID is noted just under the Type. This letter/number combination is used to request a license for a new node, to make changes to your license (increase/decrease quantities or add an option) or to renew a license that is about to expire.

Additional Information

To get a new or updated license, you would need to copy the Hardware ID, open a new case and request what it is you need to complete your license for your node to be fully functional.