Signature files (W000***.XML) are not being generated in Scalability Servers after Collect Task execution


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After Scalability Server’s Collect Task execution, no files are being generated under SSFW folder:

Some verification has to be done:

1.- Connectivity to the content site (

2.- State of the Default Software Content Download job:

3.- ‘caf setserveraddress’ should point to local host on Domain Manager and Sacalability Servers:

4.- Status of Collect Task:

5.- Connectivity against Domain Manager using  ‘cserver check -c’ command should work:

ITCM Common Scalability Server v14.0.3000.725

Copyright (c) 2019 CA. All rights reserved.

Checking manager availability on ''...

Manager is online.

Exit code 0: Successful operation.


6.- Tests on CIC side should also work:


C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\CIC\bin>util.bat -c

Completed OK

See Util log file for details


C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\CIC\bin>util.bat -m SZDEMHGW1451

Completed OK

See Util log file for details


Client Automation 14.0 and above


If all the above tests are OK, probably there is a configuration missing on the Collect Task itself.

In order to verify this, go to Engine where the Collect Task is placed, click on it to see its properties, navigate to Collect tab and verify the task “Content Distribution” is selected (it should be on the right panel under ‘Selected Task’), if it’s on the left panel, the Signature file won’t be generated: