Error: Failed to load module SAPNamespace.dll
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Error: Failed to load module SAPNamespace.dll


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Error: Failed to load module SAPNamespace.dll


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There are two reasons why this error occurs.

1) The SAP Connector is a Java connector and needs to be handled by the JCS and not the CCS. The JCS listens on ports 20410/20411 and from the error message, we can see that the Provisioning Server is routing the SAP connector request to the C++ Connector Server which is listening on port 20402/20403. Since the SAP R3 connector is managed by the JCS, you may have mistakenly set the endpoint to be managed by the CCS. Please reference the pointer in the screenshot above as an example. 

2) When you set the connector to be managed by the JCS the requests didn't stick. You will need to deselect your JCS save / restart / apply the changes once more.


Please open Connector Xpress and manage the CSConfig routing objects for the SAP endpoint and point it to your JCS instead of the CCS.
Also, remember that for the JCS to handle SAP requests it needs to have the OSGi fragment bundle deployed which is first built with the SAP JCO.

Resolution Steps:

Open Connector Xpress > Add Your Provisioning Server on the right-hand side > Drill down to Endpoint Types on the right-hand side > Right click on SAP Endpoint > Set Managing CS > Select your JCS servers.