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DX IM hp_3par probe how to tell the model of the HP 3par device


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


It is often necessary to determine the model of the HP 3par storage device to ensure compatibility. Yet the person responsible for administering UIM/DX IM may not have access to the device. 


The probe will write this information to a file. 

$\Nimsoft\probes\storage\hp_3par\data\<device IP address>_showsys.txt

     ID        ----Name----      ------Model------   --Serial--          Nodes  Master  ClusterLED   TotalCap       AllocCap      FreeCap      FailedCap
0x209DB Device Name    HP_3PAR 8440  Device Serial     6             1      Green            1076275200 890115072 186160128         0

In this case the model is shown as a 8440.