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How to create custom Metric Family from default in Performance Management


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How to create a custom Metric Family using a default Metric Family in Performance Management.

What are the minimum required fields to edit when creating a custom Metric Family using a copy from a default Metric Family?


All supported Performance Management releases


Need to create a custom Metric Family to force assignment of specific Vendor Certifications to specific devices using Collections and Vendor Certification Priority changes.


  1. Identify the Metric Family to be copied and copy it's content for editing and use as a template. See the steps listed in the documentation linked in Additional Information.
  2. Before issuing a POST via REST to the Data Aggregator to import the custom Metric Family the following values need to be changed.
    1. Each Metric Family must use unique values, not used by another Metric Family, for these values:
      • <FacetType Name="<value>"
      • <TableName>
      • <DisplayName>
    2. Each Metric Family imported as custom must have these values changed from the default one. These values can be reused for other custom Metric Families.
      • <Author> (recommend 'custom' or company name)
      • <Version> (recommend starting with 1.0 and increment the value as changes are made)
    3. We also recommend the <Documentation> tag value be edited to reflect the custom Metric Families intended use.

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