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Spectrum Mail registration queue is full warning messages when starting new AlarmNotifier instance


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CA eHealth CA Spectrum


Created a new AlarmNotifier instance but when starting the AlarmNotifier process it reports a large amount of the following message:

AlarmNotifier: Warning: - Mail registration queue is full


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Application/AlarmNotifier/SANM


Possible root causes:

- There is a large number of alarms being generated and there is no filtering using SANM to decide which alarms to send to the AlarmNotifier and which alarms to not send to the AlarmNotifier.

- There is a large number of existing alarms and the $SPECROOT/Notifier/.alarmrc file has the "GET_EXISTING_ALARMS" parameter set to "true".


- Use SANM to create alarm filters to limit the number of alarm sent to the AlarmNotifier

- Set the "GET_EXISTING_ALARMS" parameter in the $SPECROOT/Notifier/.alarmrc file to "false" and then restart the AlarmNotifier process

Additional Information

Please reference the "AlarmNotifier" and "Spectrum Alarm Notification Manager (SANM)" sections of the Spectrum documentation for more information.