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UI page is frozen, with progress bars on screen until refresh/reload


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Clarity UI page gets frozen, the display is different from usual display, it has progress bars and appears frozen/stuck


After review, of the sessions all is HTTP 200 and no related errors in the logs.


Release : All supported Clarity releases 


This is a very old issue for which we don't have the STR and it's very intermittent. It's client side issue.
It has to do with the ajax use in multi-portlet pages where ajax callback isn't getting called properly. 

Please advise the users that when it happens they must refresh the page or reopen Clarity. This is not a "Processing" or "frozen" page, it will never render more than that, this is the actual Clarity theme used when this issue happens.

Ask them to note any specific actions they follow. Does it happen more with a certain browser?

Does it help to work say outside of the office network or via VPN?

Also, if they access pages with multiple portlets that can be configured, advise to reduce the amount of portlets per page and see if that helps reduce occurrence.