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Agent upgrade questions from CA APM 10.7 SP2 to CA APM 10.7 SP3


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We are currently using CA APM 10.7 and recently upgraded the service pack from SP2 to SP3.
We have few questions about agent upgrade.
1. Do we need to install the new SP3 agent or can we still use SP2 agent?
2. If we have to use the new SP3 agent, do we lose all the historical data that SP2 agent pulled from our application servers?
3. Can we have both SP3 and SP2 agents installed on the same Linux server and instrument our application servers?


Release : 10.7.0

Component : APM Agents


1- SP2 agent can report to APM 10.7 SP3 Enterprise Manager.

2- No, you will not lose historical data for SP2 agent, but it is good practice to make a back up of historical data before upgrade.

3- Yes, you can have both SP3 and SP2 agents installed on the same Linux server. SP3 and SP2 agents must be installed under separate location, and must monitor different Application Servers (meaning one Application Server can only be monitored by one agent).