How to get troubleshooting assistance on Clarity PPM Jaspersoft custom built reports
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How to get troubleshooting assistance on Clarity PPM Jaspersoft custom built reports


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Clarity PPM SaaS


We have Jaspersoft custom built reports and the reports were once scheduled and running automatically without any issue and now are not running at all.


Clarity PPM SAAS Environment


In general CA Broadcom does not support Jaspersoft custom built reports. Upon request via support ticket CA Broadcom Support can assist with reviewing the Jaspersoft logs and/or researching any defects within the reports. Please note if you are having any issues with running or scheduling any of the OOTB reports, we will certainly look into it.

How to get troubleshooting assistance on Jaspersoft custom built reports:

1) From the Clarity PPM SAAS Advanced Reporting UI:

a) Check the messages component via Advanced Reporting > View > Messages for detailed error messages that allow you to troubleshoot the error that occurred.
b) How to view Jaspersoft Report logs (jasperserver.log) for CA PPM SaaS customers and get the full stack trace of the error message sent to your email -

2) You can search the Broadcom PPM User Community and Jaspersoft User Community for errors that occurred in the custom report.

3) Consult with your custom report developer if custom report needs updating.

Additional Information

For help with modifying custom reports, custom report parameters and or modifying/troubleshooting long running queries please reach out to HCL as they have the knowledge to assist with custom reporting. If you need assistance with custom code, developing reports or portals or, acquiring packaged solutions for your Broadcom Enterprise Solutions, you can engage our partner HCL Technologies. The Enterprise Studio team of HCL (formerly the Services group within CA Technologies) can be reached at [email protected]