DC131002 message at IDMS CV Startup after applying SO07191
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DC131002 message at IDMS CV Startup after applying SO07191


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After applying SO07191 for the new MQ Adapter feature and performing all HOLDDATA procedures and the setup described in Configure the MQ Adapter doc we see messages DC131008 and DC131002 at startup and DCMT D MQ shows runtime status of DISABLED .

The following message are seen at startup

DC131000 V1900 T0 MQ: Initialization starting                  
DC131008 V1900 T0 MQ: Function:#LOAD Completion:20 Reason:4    
DC131002 V1900 T0 MQ: Environment initialization error 13043   
DC131003 V1900 T0 MQ: Initialization terminated. The MQ adapter

  Message DC131002 specifies that error 13043 indicates Unable to load MQ stub


The default setup for MQ Adapter requires you to define the IBM MQ runtime library (DSName ending in SCSQLOAD) to CDMSLIB in startup JCL

This library contains the IBM MQ stub module CSQBSTUB which is loaded at startup when the MQ sysgen statement is defined as ENABLED.