Issue during the AJAX call.
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Issue during the AJAX call.


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We're running a Web Agent and when a user request an URL having Ajax
code executed in the page, then the browser gets freezing and nothing
seems on the Web Page.

As our development team member expressed, there are 2 problems at
the moment :

   - Some calls are redirected to the wrong JSON file;
   - Some calls end with a blank page in the browser;

Those problems are seen in Internet Explorer and Edge browser
only : Chrome an Firefox browsers work fine.

How can we fix this ?




  Web Agent 12.52SP01CR09 build 2614 on Apache 2.2 on RedHat 6;




You need to implement WebAppClientResponse in order to make the Web
Agent behavior in sync with the ajax code flow.

From documentation :

Web Application Client Response Introduced

  Some web applications use script engines, which execute in the
  context of a Web browser, to request resources and display
  content. Similar to requests standard web browsers send, the
  requests originating from the script engine can trigger
  Agent-generated behavior, such as HTTP redirects or challenges.

  Unless properly integrated with the web application, this behavior
  can result in the web application client reaching an indeterminate

    The web application client response (WebAppClientResponse) ACO
    parameter lets you:

    - Configure CA Single Sign-on to identify requests originating
      from the script engine that is executing in the context of the
      Web browser.
    - Use a customized response to integrate CA Single
      Sign-on-generated behavior, including a challenge, with the
      functionality of the web application client.
    - Configure the response format for requests from Web 2.0
      resources (AJAX and other API-based calls) at the global level.
    - Configure a global response to the web application clients to
      reduce the need to configure request/responses at each Web Agent
      level manually.

Some KD are related to similar issue :

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This following KD give an example of configuration and what is
expected in the logs :

  I don't see IdleTimeout Reason when the Web Agent is configured for webappclientresponse


  New WebAppClientResponse ACO Parameter

  Defects Fixed in 12.52 SP1 CR10
  01288412 DE405188 Web Agent matches unintended resources when wildcard '*' is used in the resource attribute of WebAppClientResponse ACO Parameter.

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fine in Internet Explorer and Edge, but works fine in Chrome and

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Implement Web Agent ACO WebAppClientResponse to handle the behavior
you need with Web 2.0 code like Ajax.