Best practices on managing old files in the Application
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Best practices on managing old files in the Application


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We are looking to remove old files from the application's filestore. We found that many of those are attached to old projects by Project managers that are no longer with the company. What can we do?


Release : All Supported Clarity releases


Now, to resolve the issue you must activate the Project Manager's user back and give yourself Collaboration manager rights over the project. Then deactivate it again and you should be able to delete files from the project.


In future, as best practice, we recommend every time that a Project manager leaves the company, before deactivating their user, to ensure another user is added to the Collaboration to be a Collaboration manager instead. This way you will be able to avoid a situation in which you want to access the files and you cannot.


Alternative way to remove files from projects on which you are not a Collaboration manager, would be to use the Purge Documents job. Please use the job for a specific project, it should work to remove the files from it. Deleting the project will not remove the files if Purge Documents has not run first.

Note: This job may remove documents that are there to keep, so be careful when you choose the options for deletion. The first option are "OR" so just pick the one you need with a specific project i.e. to avoid deleting documents that have to stay.
Test this on your Test environment first