Service Desk Manager - Can configuration items be exported/imported from one system to another


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Can configuration items (CIs) be exported from one Service Desk Manager environment to another?


Release : 17.x



At this time there is no recommended or supported procedure to extract configuration items from one system to import to another.

Configuration Items are not stored in a single database table, in fact information associated to a configuration item in stored in an array of different tables that each store some specific information related to the CI. The system also relies on "Cora" to perform reconciliation of CIs, which uses its own set of database tables to maintain information.

There is a high risk to attempting to perform this task, which is why it's not recommended.

It should be noted that it may be possible the extracting and importing the information may "appear" to look accurate, but you may see problems with CI reconciliation not working as expected at a later point. Broadcom Support is unable to manually correct many reconciliation problems.

Additional Information

A cleanup utility may be used to attempt to correct some reconciliation problems, but it is not guaranteed to fix every issue, especially in relation to CIs that were manually loaded into a system. Information on coracleanup is located here: