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How can we see that "deletestagingdata" command has finished ?


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CA Workload Automation DE - Business Agents (dSeries) CA Workload Automation DE DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries) CA Workload Automation DE - Scheduler (dSeries)


When your history tables becomes too huge you can run the "deletestagingdata" command to clean up these tables.
This command is launched from CLI perspective and runs in background.

How can we see the progress of this deletion process and how to see when it has finished ?


Release : 11.3, 12.x



You will find information of this process in the tracelog.txt file.

Following messages are written into the tracelog.txt:

20200118 06:47:09.839 [essential] [INFO] DeleteStagingData: [2020-01-18_06:47:09.839] Starting DeleteStagingTable CLI command with older than : Mon Nov 18 06:47:09 EST 2019 and batchsize: 6000
20200118 06:50:06.345 [essential] [INFO] DeleteStagingData: [2020-01-18_06:50:06.345] Number of records eligible for execution: 5769197
20200118 06:50:06.345 [essential] [INFO] DeleteStagingData: [2020-01-18_06:50:06.345] final batch size used for batch operation after validation: 6000
20200118 06:50:07.830 [essential] [INFO] DeleteStagingData: [2020-01-18_06:50:07.830] Successfully executed batch, batch number:1 ,from startposition:0 to ending position:5999 startvalue:1, endingvalue:6642
20200118 06:50:08.911 [essential] [INFO] DeleteStagingData: [2020-01-18_06:50:08.911] Successfully executed batch, batch number:2 ,from startposition:6000 to ending position:11999 startvalue:6643, endingvalue:12680
20200118 07:13:16.982 [essential] [INFO] DeleteStagingData: [2020-01-18_07:13:16.982] Successfully executed batch, batch number:962 ,from startposition:5766000 to ending position:5769196 startvalue:9042020, endingvalue:9045216
20200118 07:13:16.982 [essential] [INFO] DeleteStagingData: [2020-01-18_07:13:16.982] Number of batches to execute: 962
20200118 07:13:16.982 [essential] [INFO] DeleteStagingData: [2020-01-18_07:13:16.982] Ending DeleteStagingTable CLI command with older than : Mon Nov 18 06:47:09 EST 2019 and batchsize: 6000

Additional Information

This example deletes all history data that are older than two months in batches of 6000:

deletestagingdata olderthan("now less 2 month") batchsize(6000)