How to find out who deleted a Test Set


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


A Test Set was deleted and we would like to get more information about who did it. 


A Test Set mysteriously disappeared 


Release : SAAS



If you know one or more Test Cases that were associated to the Test Set you can view their Revision History for a recent entry like the following which would include the name of the user who made the change:

TEST CASE removed from TEST SET [Example]

This entry is made when ever a Test Case is removed from a Test Set though so you may also need to more information to confirm. If you know of multiple Test Cases that were associated you can compare their Revision Histories to see if they were all removed at the same time by the same person. Also, if you know the approximate time it was deleted you can look for an entry in that time range.   

Additional Information

If you are unable to locate who deleted the Test Set with the above steps it may be possible for us to locate this information in our logs. However, it can be difficult to locate specific events due to the amount of information in them. Because of this it helps to provide us additional information so we can focus our search. Some information that may help us locate an entry include the following:

The approximate date it was deleted. 

The URL of the deleted Test Set

The likely domain in the User ID of the person who may have deleted it.