Require Encryption option/utility for Linux FDM to encrypt the password in connection profile


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We are using Linux FDM for masking and want to keep the password encrypted similar to the check-box option provided in Windows FDM UI


Release : 4.5

Component : CA Test Data Manager


Open a support case to get the solution provided via standalone utility.

How to use it:
Unzip te file file.
Use the correct script version to run the utility:
EncryptionUtil.bat => Windows Version => Unix Based version. Don’t forget to add the permission to run this script.
In case of doubt, add after script -h to show help
Ex.: ./ -h
You can run it in interactive or not interactive.
Interactive mode => The utility will ask for password and confirmation. The password will not appears in the screen. To run in this mode just call one script.
Ex.: ./
Non Interactive mode=> The utility will encrypt the password sent by command line argument. The response will be only the encrypted password.
Ex.: ./ -e abcd1234
By default this utility are using non strong algorithm for encryption, that is fine for FDM compatibility. If you are using the latest version of FDM, you can use the stronger (AES) algorithm to encrypt the password, just adding a new parameter (-aes):
Ex.: ./ -e abcd1234 -aes or for interactive mode ./ -aes