O365 Connector Funtionality
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O365 Connector Funtionality


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Microsoft Office 365 (O365) is a cloud hosted group of software plus services subscriptions that provides productivity software and related services to its subscribers. CA Identity Manager introduced a connector in Identity Manager (IM) 14.1 to enable access to O365 (details can be found in the link below), however there are some limitations.



Release : 14.1, 14.2, 14.3 vAPP and on-premise.



The CA IM O365 connector can manage membership/ownership of “cloud-only” distribution lists (DLs), however the current connector for O365 does not support the following

  • Create “cloud-only” Distribution lists
  • Create “cloud-only” shared mailboxes
  • Manage permissions of all shared mailboxes

Additional Information

As referenced above, O365 features were added in 14.1 
Office 365 provisioning with Exchange-less Mode 
Identity Manager release 14.1 provides the Business Class Email Enabled option to acquire a Microsoft Office 365 endpoint with Exchange-less mode. Clear the Business Class Email Enabled option in the endpoint screen to use this feature. For more information, see Create an Office 365 Endpoint in Acquire an Office 365 Endpoint.
Office 365 Multiple License Plans
Identity Manager release 14.1 enables you to assign or revoke licenses from multiple license plans for Office 365 accounts.