CA View - Release 14.0 Compatibility with OM Web Viewer
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CA View - Release 14.0 Compatibility with OM Web Viewer


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The client is considering upgrading View and Deliver from 12.2 to 14.0.

They are running OM Web Viewer r11.5, using Windows ISS HTTP and a MSSQL external database. 

If OM Web Viewer is not upgraded from r11.5, will it be compatible with View/Deliver 14.0?

If not, what are the options to stay supported and to make the easiest transition?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


OM Web Viewer r11.5 can currently be run with View/Deliver/DRAS 14.0.

As there will be a shortly announced EOS date for OM WV r11.5, it is suggested to upgrade to OM WV r12.1.

OM WV r12.1:

. Runs on a Windows platform and can use a SQL external database.

. Can run on the mainframe (on USS or z/Linux), in addition to Windows Server, and various other Linux and Unix platforms.

. Runs under either Tomcat or WebSphere and uses any of several JDBC compliant databases (including MS SQL Server, Oracle and DB2).

For a SQL database, for the install of 12.1, a new database will need to be created, and it gets populated from the current SQL database.