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Monitoring only Auto startup new services


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have a requirement to monitor only Auto startup services from ntservices probes.



1) Monitor only Auto startup services

2) Add all new services with Auto startup to monitoring

3) Email the major/critical alerts when these Auto startup services is down


How  this be achieved in UIM using ntservices  probe ?


Release : 8.51



Here is one method to accomplish this using the adminconsole and an IM Console Configuration Package.

In the adminconsole, configure these options as follows:


Second, create a IM configuration package with the following contents:

1- All Profiles are removed (see "<services>" clear section).

2- If a Service is automatic then the profile will be made active.

3- "Major" Alarms will be triggered when an Automatic Service is not running

4- If a Service is not automatic, the profile will exist, but not active.


5- From there, you may create an Auto Operator rule like the following:


Contents of the superpackage:

<setup> overwrite
   loglevel = 0
   logsize = 100
   logfile = ntservices.log
   subject = alarm
   report_only = false
   auto_only = false
   max_attempts = 10
   timeout = 100
   notify_type = nimbus
   interval = 300
   send_clear = true
   auto_detect_new = true
   send_alarm_once = false
   qos_interval = 1
   delete_profile_section = no
   pending_State_Interval = 1
   standard_static_threshold = true
   lowercase_service_discovery = false
   keep_non_existing_service_profiles = no
   NoAlarmWhenServiceStartTypeDisabled = no
   [email protected] = no
   <default> overwrite
      active = automatic
      action = report
      severity = major
      subsystem =
      alarm_on_action = yes
      qos = yes
<services> clear