ARD Automation references from notes fields can't have the same name


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


For this code snipped 

When the data notes looks like this:

The automation script looks like this (as expected)

When with the same code snippet when the data notes looks like this 

The automation script looks like this:


Not supported.


Release : 2.10

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer


After closer examination by Product Management, of the reproduction scenarios and investigating the issue from the code perspective, this will not be fixed.

The automation step attribute resolving methods were not designed to accept the step attributes from within other field attributes. In the current state of the program the step attribute name (surrounded by tildes) introduced into the block field used in the automation is going to "steal" the reference of the automation step attribute.

The scenario described in the reproduction steps and the functionality of introducing automation step attributes into built-in fields in general is undocumented and unsupported.