Client Automation - CADSMCMD causes Segmentation fault


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On Linux machine command cadsmcmd targetcomputer "action=showattr" gives a Segmentation fault (core dumped)


Example :

cadsmcmd local JY-W2K16-DM2 targetcomputer "action=showattr" "name=JY-W2K16-DM2" login=\"winnt://JY-W2K16-DM2/administrator\":pwd

CA IT Client Manager r14
ITCM Command Line Version 14.0.2000.255
Copyright (c) 2017 CA. All rights reserved.

Trace mode: FILE
Trace file name: /tmp/sdcmd.txt

Connecting to manager "JY-W2K16-DM2" as user "winnt://JY-W2K16-DM2/administrator" ...OK.
Manager: JY-W2K16-DM2
Domain: JY-W2K16-DM2
Domain type: Domain
Supporting: CO CCNF USD OSIM AM 

Show attributes of target computer
Computer name                          : JY-W2K16-DM2
Computer type                          : staging server
Host name                              : JY-W2K16-DM2
Primary network address                : JY-W2K16-DM2
IP address                             :
                                       : FE80:0000:0000:0000:F562:D0D4:5141:9A6
                                         + D
Segmentation fault (core dumped)


Same command does not crash on Windows.

Last line in TRC_USD_CADSMCMD_0.log is :
081119-11:58:45.0697410L|065928|f6c32700|SDCMD     | CFSDCacheManage| CFSDCacheManager::a|000000|DETAIL | In the function addProcDefsInCache




Release : 14.0 SP2

Component : Client Automation



Open case at CA Broadcom Technical Support requesting this fix for Linux 14.0 SP2