Client Automation - Short Keys crtl+c and ctrl+v does not work in Remote Control


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Use of keys ctrl+c and ctrl+v in a Remote control session to copy a file inside the windows file explorer does not work.



Release : 14.0 SP3

Component : Client Automation



Open a case at technical Support CA Broadcom and request the fix T533346 for Client Automation RC Agent 14.0 SP3

This fix also resolve following problem :

                 1)  Primary/Main Display always on Left side -> Now it displays Primary monitor in any position.
                 2) Monitors coming blank when extended via Display Link adapter.
                 3) Monitors extended using Docking Device displayed as unsupported. 
                 4) Mouse orientation on wrong display/screen.
                 5) Windows 2012 Server blank screen (needs to reconnect-as workaround- working on solution)
                 6) Cntrl+C and Cntrl+V on files not working in Remote Control Session.

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