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Export or Delete of Private Dashboards by Admin user


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Private Dashboard in the section My Dashboards can only be exported or deleted by the user who created them.

When another user, even an Admin with all Authorizations and Privileges, tries to export/delete the DASH object the following error is displayed:

U00004509 Access violation: User: 'USER/GROUP' Object: 'MY.DASH.123' Access: 'W'  Reason: No right found in object.


Release : 12.2 and higher



The reason for this behavior is that when the Dashboard is created, specific Authorizations on the objects are created for the user that created the object. These overrule the Admin users Authorizations.

This is the expected behavior.


If for any reason the Admin needs to have acces, for instance to export the environment, for backup or promotion, the specific object Authorization needs to be update by the user (owner).

There are 2 options:

1. Open Object Authorizations and delete the line with the specific Authorization for the user inside the object. The user remains owner but all users can now modify the object. 
2. Open Object Authorizations and add a specific line for the Admin user that needs to export these objects.

Opening Object Authorization needs to be done in the object from the Process Assembly view: /DASHBOARDS/<DASH_NAME>

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