trying to login to OM Web Viewer and getting error: Error from remote host - indicating a problem with credentials


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You may find yourself blocked from accessing CA's OM Web Viewer for any one of several reasons:

need your password reset 
your password has expired 
"UserID is not authorized"
Account is suspended

resulting in a Failure on Remote Host error being returned.


 Error from remote host when trying to log into the Web Viewer or open a repository. It may say invalid UserID or Password, or not authorized. Why? What should I do? Should I call CA?


Release: OUTWBV01300-12.1-Output Management-Web Viewer for AIX


Such messages usually mean that the mainframe credentials (usually administered by Top Secret, ACF2 or RAC/F) provided were rejected for some reason, and will need to be reset. While you may call CA Technologies to confirm the probable reason for the error/message, it's probably necessary for you to contact your organization's internal helpdesk or security group to have your account un-suspended, unlocked or reset. Once that has been accomplished, you should again be able to login to the Web Viewer with your now valid mainframe credentials.