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ASM - How to use username and password in HTTP/HTTPS/Full Page monitors


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We are trying to monitor a site which requires NTLM authentication. And for this we were using the HTTP/HTTPS/Full Page monitors.  For NTLM we passed the Username and Password, which didn't work.  Could you please tell how it works and what is the purpose of username and password in HTTP/HTTPS/Full Page monitor's advance setting?




Release : ASM


The HTTP/HTTPS/Full Page monitors utilize the username and password in this way. If there is an authentication required to reach the site, then those will be used. For example, if your site is and before getting to the site you need to provide a login, you would enter the username and password in the advanced setting of the monitor.

However they do not support NTLM authentication. Only the Script monitor supports NTLM.