Query Data Reservation Tables in TDM Repository
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Query Data Reservation Tables in TDM Repository


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We would like to know which tables in the TDM repository we can find data reservation information.
We analyze Telemetry data, but initially, it does not meet the need we need.


Test Data Manager
TDM Portal


To do what you are looking for, you would have to pull the data from OrientDB reservation DB and combined it with repository data.
You have to write a  complete complex Javelin workflow to extract the data from OrientDB and register the Json as an object and shred it into tables and then write. 

You can also use the OrientDB browser UI to select the reservations from OrientDB.
Select PayL from Reservation where rcId=    
The RcId is the model ID.

This is not recommended.

You need to do it right on the TDM Server.
We don't configure it for remote access outside the server itself

That plus the select statement should allow them to get JSON with reservation in it

For Username/password, use reader/reader or admin/admin whatever they filled in when creating their app server for TDM during install.