CA View - SYSOUT ID's from 01/01/2020 not Visible in SAR Database
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CA View - SYSOUT ID's from 01/01/2020 not Visible in SAR Database


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One of the client's View databases does not show any sysouts with a archive date from 01/01/2020.

SARBKLST shows tapes from 2 backup generations that contain sysouts with archive date 01/01/2020.

When they request a list of sysout id's and filter on these archive generations, they see some sysout id's belonging to these generations, but with an archive date different from 01/01/2020 (31/12/2019 or 02/01/2020, format dd/mm/yyyy).

The z/OS syslog of 01/01/2020 shows job output that gets purged from the JES2 spool, indicating that the View SARSTC has picked up the sysouts from the spool.



Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


The client analyzed SMF type 14/15 records, generated from Jan 2 2020 06:00, and determined that there was a SARBCH /DELETE job that ran, that deleted the reports.

The usual user job generates /DELETE statements to delete obsolete SYSOUTS, and this processing contained a logic error and all outputs from Jan 1 2020 were deleted.

Some Jan 1 reports, that were backed up to tape before the deletion, could be brought back with SARTDR /TADD.

The tape from the following backup, however, did not contain reports from Jan 1 2020 16:00 to Jan 2 2020 06:00, so those reports never got backed up to tape, prior to their deletion.