Mobile API Gateway: UIWebview deprecated in iOS 12
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Mobile API Gateway: UIWebview deprecated in iOS 12


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CA API Gateway


UIWebview is deprecated in iOS 12 and Apple has noted [ITMS-90809] that as of April 2020 they will no longer accept new apps using UIWebview.

How will this be addressed in the MAG SDK? 




Release : 4.x

Component : Mobile API Gateway


UIWebview is used by both MASUI and MAS foundation.


MASUI 2.2 

The MASUI templates act as a template for UI screens and not expected to be used as-is in production. It acts as a sample and enables customers to mimic their UI dialogs. Moving forward, the template will be removed from support for iOS 12+ and will not be developing it further.


The solution is to either

1) Target an iOS version <= 11

2) Design your own UI.


MAS Foundation

MAS SDK 2.1 will replace the dependency on UIWebView with WKWebview. This is tentatively scheduled to be done before the end of March. Moving forward, to submit a new app to the Apple App Store, SDK 2.1 will be required. Starting in December, any updates to existing apps on the App Store will require SDK 2.1.