WSDL Resolution doesn't work properly in clustered installation
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WSDL Resolution doesn't work properly in clustered installation


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CA API Gateway


We have a cluster of two nodes :

https://<host>:<port>/ssg/wsdl? -- > This displays all the descriptors for my policies and is ok , now if I click in one of the policies

NOTE THAT <LoadBalancerFQHN> is our LB that is reachable from External network

The link is translated to that URI === https://<FQHN>/ssg/wsdl?serviceoid=3a3b7d10e4b44c8ee97083ad58652567 -- And depending on the node that traffic is ROUTED it's working or it's displaying "Invalid Service requested"

What I have identified is that the policy has different sid in both clusters and they aren't synchronized.



Release : 9.2



Different sids on different nodes implies that the customer could be using 2 different mysql db instances (considering that its still a cluster environment).

In which this issue is expected, if that is the case, then customer can delete one of the policy from one node, and then allow the replication to take place (ssg restart), and then see the sids, after replication sids should remain the same and hence achieves synchronization. This should resolve the problem.

Other policies are not having this problem, since most probably they are replicated and share the same sids. If there are other policies that are also sharing different sids, then they should apply the same solution.

If that is not the case, can we know more details about their cluster environment, like how dbs and nodes are linked?