Service Catalog - Cannot arrange to display the forms in the order as we want


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We have multiple forms added into the service option ,  the forms display sequence cannot be arranged as what we wanted somehow 


It is by design 


Release : 17.2



when you add a few forms into a service option initially,  the forms and the sequence of the form were recorded in the database .  When you want to re-arrange the display sequence of  those same forms , it will still keep the previous sequence . 

But you can do the following to work out it :

For example :

You  have a service option , originally you added  a form called formA first and then a form called formB .   In this service option , it displayed  formA first and then formB second .  and then you  change your mind  later , want to display formB first and then display formA .    You  will have to do  the following :

1.  edit that  service option's definition to delete ( i.e. disassociate ) both formA and then formB there .

2.  then click "save" button to save it first   . ( Note : this is an important step ) .

3.  then i re-add those 2 forms .  add formB first and then add formA . 

4.  and then click "save" .  This time ,  the service option will change to display formB first and then formA second as i want . 


Basically , you need to delete (dissociate)   ALL  the forms to that service option , and then click "save" button to save this change ( this is important )  .  and then you add the forms in the sequence you want and then click "save" to save it , it will preserve the sequence as you just do .