How to discover checkpoint virtual firewalls in CA Performance Management


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How to discover Checkpoint Virtual Firewalls in DX NetOps Performance Management.

How to discover Check Point Virtual Firewalls in DX NetOps Performance Management.


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


This functionality requires DX NetOps Performance Management r3.7.5 and later.

As of the r3.7.5 new vendor certification and metric family are defined for Check Point Virtual Firewalls.

To add Check Point Virtual Firewalls to your managed devices, complete the following steps:

Use SNMPv3 profiles to discover the physical parent devices.

Attach the new Context System metric family to each device.

Wait for discovery to complete. The Check Point Virtual Firewalls are automatically discovered.All the Check Point Virtual Firewall items have the same IP address as the parent device. However, each Check Point
Virtual Firewall item has its own context name. All the polling data for the Check Point Virtual Firewall item (CPU, Memory, Interfaces, and so on) appear under the context name.

The context field of the SNMPv3 profile does not need to be populated.

Additional Information

CA Performance Management Release Notes:

Note that you may need to add the discovered virtual firewalls to additional collections if you have Monitoring Profiles

The Virtual Firewall systems MUST have SNMPv3 enabled and configured for the same SNMPv3 credentials the primary 'parent' device utilizes.