telemetry probe in error state
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telemetry probe in error state


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The telemetry probe is in an error state and we can't get it running properly.

Once it's in error state, it takes 50 tries and 30 minutes to get it to go deactivated.  So we can then try to activate it again. 

Restart appears to do nothing on it when in error state.  I will attach log files (at level 5) and config, and the controller log.

the log files show the following:

Jan 14 11:59:43:433 [main, telemetry] ****************[ Starting ]****************
Jan 14 11:59:43:434 [main, telemetry] 1.2.3
Jan 14 11:59:43:434 [main, telemetry] CA Technologies
Jan 14 11:59:43:439 [Thread-0, telemetry] Sending NimRequest to [controller]. Command: [probe_list]; parameters: []
Jan 14 11:59:43:447 [main, telemetry] port=48035
Jan 14 11:59:43:506 [main, telemetry] Login to NimBUS is OK
Jan 14 11:59:44:695 [Thread-0, telemetry] Sending NimRequest to [controller]. Command: [_status]; parameters: []
Jan 14 11:59:44:717 [Thread-0, telemetry] ******************************** POLL #1 STARTED ********************************
Jan 14 11:59:45:318 [Thread-0, telemetry] TS: Authentication...
Jan 14 11:59:45:364 [Thread-0, telemetry] !TS Authentication Error: Unknown Host [hostname]
Jan 14 11:59:45:365 [Thread-0, telemetry] <hostname>


Release: UIM 9.x
Component: telemetry probe: All versions


the telemetry API host has been shut down


There are three options:

Option 1: Delete the telemetry probe
Option 2: disable the telemetry probe
Option 3: Disable the connection attempt to the host by changing the configuration below:

      client_secret = <string>
      location_name = <location_name>
      is_enabled = false