Different alarm views in Spectrum and SOI
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Different alarm views in Spectrum and SOI


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)



Our customer installed Spectrum_10.03.01.BMP_10.3.102 in their PreLive environment on 08/08/2019.

Last week our customer mentioned, that there are no alarms in Spectrum OneClick, that have been created before 08/12/2019 resp. 08/14/2019 (depends on the landscape).

However there are a lot of older alarms in SOI that have an older timestamp (previous 08/12/2019), which were send from Spectrum to SOI before the patch in Spectrum has been installed.


Spectrum 10.3.1



SOI 4.2

OS: Windows 2012R2


It has been determined that the root cause of this problem is that the spectrum connector was not stopped and restarted when an SSdb backup was restored in the Spectrum Server. 

So all Alarms that was in Spectrum Oneclick before the restore are still in SOI because they did not get a clear event from Spectrum. In order to avoid this situation it is mandatory to stopp the Spectrum

Connector when a SSDB backup is restored in Spectrum and restart it afterwards.