Path Explorer Hangs Up
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Path Explorer Hangs Up


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


When executing all nodes coverage with loops set to 1, I reach a point where the processing in both bars shows 100%, the path explorer does not complete, no matter how long I wait.  I’ve been removing subflows and bringing them out into the main diagram, which means this no longer a truly valid diagram.  All nodes coverage is also not my desired coverage, but the one that should complete fastest.  I have a copy of the diagrams, and the log file, but no way to add the attachment here.  I understand that it is recommended that I run ARD with the Hub, and while I would like to do that, with timing, software, and setup I am unable to go this route.  The fact is that I’m not the only one that will run into this issue in the future.  I’d recommend a docker version for windows as a possible solution to make the hub more accessible.  Also, if something like this is happening to others in the future, I’d recommend a time out with whatever paths have been identified, and if any paths can’t be completed please Identify the nodes that are missing coverage.  Please help me trouble shoot this so that I’ll be able to present this software to different members of Deere Combine Leadership.  


Release : 3.0

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer




Open a new support case and refer to defect DE442697.

Additional Information

Optimizer has been greatly improved for the upcoming 3.1 release and there are a lot of innovations in there (we're already getting greater coverage AND performance than ever!). Also, we have new features, such as the one requested in this KB, you will be able to cancel the path generation process and get only the paths that were generated so far.