Where is Broadcom Subscription PLA Information Stored in DevTest?
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Where is Broadcom Subscription PLA Information Stored in DevTest?


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Service Virtualization


Where is Broadcom subscription Product License Agreement (PLA) information stored in DevTest?


All supported DevTest releases.




The information is stored in the DEVTEST_HOME/dradis.properties file.

Additional Information

If after installing with a devtestlic.xml file, and you want start using a PLA, you can activate the PLA from the Enterprise Dashboard on the browser with the below steps:

Click the gear icon and select Data Usage Setting.

The Data Usage Setting dialog opens.

Make the desired changes to the following fields:

 Company Domain: Customer-provided string to identify the customer domain name, such as company.com. This is not a full email address.
 Enterprise Site ID: Customer Enterprise Site ID that is used to access Support. A registered support user can get their Site ID from the Broadcom Support Portal.
 Internal Identifier: Customer-provided string to identify an internal group or charge area for the customer's internal use, such as billing back to groups.
To use a proxy for your usage data, select Use a proxy to send usage data and enter a Proxy URI and the associated user name and password. Port 443 is used by default for sending usage data. If that port is unavailable, enter a Proxy URI.

Click Activate.

Your selections are saved.

Click Close.