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SpectroSERVER reporting UTC time


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CA Spectrum


On Windows when starting the SpectroSERVER using the script inside the bash shell, the SpectroSERVER will start to use UTC time instead of the system time.

This can cause things like the Global Sync Task to kick off at the wrong time. The log messages in the VNM.OUT are showing UTC time, e.g.,

System Time: Pacific


This appears to be a bug in Cygwin and was likely introduced in Spectrum 10.3.0 when Cygwin was updated.


Release : 10.3.0, 10.3.1, 10.3.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The Cygwin problem is still being investigated. 

As a workaround prevent the TZ environment variable from being set.

This will cause Cygwin to use the server time instead of UTC. This can be done by renaming the following 2 files and launching a new bash prompt

  • $SPECROOT/NT-Tools/SRE/etc/profile.d/tzset.csh
  • $SPECROOT/NT-Tools/SRE/etc/profile.d/

For example:

- Launch a new bash shell. Now when using to start the SpectroSERVER, it will use the system time.