Client Automation - Linux SD Agent access to the SDLIBRARY$ share
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Client Automation - Linux SD Agent access to the SDLIBRARY$ share


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How configure Linux SD Agent to allow it to map the SDLIBRARY$ share on Scalability Server 



Release : 14




1- set “Software Jobs – Download Method = Internal – NOS” for Linux Agent


2- On Linux Agent set parameter value itrm/usd/shared/NOS=MS with following command :

ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/usd/shared/ -pn NOS -v MS


3- With this configuration, SD Agent try to mount the share \\ScalaName\SDLIBRARY$ in directory /opt/CA/DSM/sd/smb

031219-13:39:49.8233500L|056225|f77166d0|SDAgent   |                |sdjeunixsharelibrary|000272|DETAIL | GetInfoFromPath
031219-13:39:49.8233920L|056225|f77166d0|SDAgent   |                |sdjeunixsharelibrary|000284|INFO   | SDJEUnixShareLibraryIf::GetInfoFromPath from samba path, server <JY-W2K16-DM3.localdomain>
031219-13:39:49.8234300L|056225|f77166d0|SDAgent   |                |sdjeunixsharelibrary|000287|INFO   | SDJEUnixShareLibraryIf::GetInfoFromPath from samba path, share <SDLIBRARY$>
031219-13:39:49.8234440L|056225|f77166d0|SDAgent   |                |sdjeunixsharelibrary|000360|DETAIL | LoadMountInfo
031219-13:39:49.8234640L|056225|f77166d0|SDAgent   |CcnfAgentApi    |CCcnfAgentApi.cpp   |001600|DETAIL | API call: GetParameterValue(/itrm/usd/Shared, MountPoint, <pszParameterValue>, 512, NULL)
031219-13:39:49.8241030L|056225|f77166d0|SDAgent   |CcnfAgentApi    |CCcnfAgentApi.cpp   |001690|DETAIL | GetParameterValue(/itrm/usd/Shared, MountPoint, ..., NULL) returns CCNF_PARAMETER_NOT_FOUND
031219-13:39:49.8241340L|056225|f77166d0|SDAgent   |                |sdjeunixsharelibrary|000424|DETAIL | MountPoint = /opt/CA/DSM/sd/smb
export share=SDLIBRARY$

4- SD Agent execute following command to mount the share (example with scalability server name SSNAME1.localdomain) :

sdmount smb install SSNAME1.localdomain SDLIBRARY$ /opt/CA/DSM/sd/smb


This command executes following System command:

mount -t cifs //SSNAME1.localdomain/SDLIBRARY$ /opt/CA/DSM/sd/smb -o iocharset=utf8,username=anonymous%anonymous


When it works command “sdmount install” creates the directory /opt/CA/DSM/sd/smb which is mounted on SDLIBRARY$ share of scalability server.


To unmount it the command is:

sdmount smb deinstall SSNAME1.localdomain SDLIBRARY$ /opt/CA/DSM/sd/smb


After this command the directory /opt/CA/DSM/sd/smb is removed


5- To allow Linux mount command to map the share with anonymous on Windows 2016 Server, make sure that following settings are set on Windows 2016 server :


  • Check in Local Security Policy/Security Options if "Accounts: Guest account status" is set to Enabled


  • Permissions on SDLIBRARY$ share (on C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\SD\ASM\LIBRARY) contains :

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