Issues updating Password Connection for IAM


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Service Virtualization


Updated database password and now have trouble updating the password connection for IAM Identity Access Manager. 


Was not providing the correct values for the database.


Release : 10.4

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Needed to provide the information concerning the database, what host it is on, what port it is running on, the database name, the user name, user password and the fully qualified name of where the SQL Server JDBC driver is. Since DevTest is installed in C:\Program Files\, the DataSourceUpdater.exe does not like spaces in the name of where the driver is, so we copied file DEVTEST_HOME\lib\shared\sqljdbc4-4.0.jar to a new folder named C:\DatabaseDrivers\ and reference C:\DatabaseDrivers\sqljdbc4-4.0.jar in DatasourceUpdater.exe.

Able to change the password, the same password is used for IAM, Enterprise Dashboard ( and Registry (

Brought down all Production services, including those on remote machines.

Brought down in this order: VSE, Simulator, Coordinator, Portal, Broker, Registry, Enterprise Dashboard, IAM.

Cleaned out the log files.

Started all DevTest services in this order: IAM, Enterprise Dashboard, Registry, Broker, Portal, Coordinator, Simulator, VSE.

Logged into Enterprise Dashboard and Portal with no issues.