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Need help with error codes OFSC003E in Health Checker


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Starting Xmanager, receiving messages:

OFSC003E The Health Check has determined that the GENERATE_COLUMN_NAMES_WITH_SELECT(*) parmlib option in member OFS has been set to Y or N, which is not recommended setting.


Release : 20.0

Component : General Services for DB2


The [email protected] health check has determined that the GENERATE_COLUMN_ NAMES_WITH_SELECT(*) parmlib option in member
 OFS should be set to 'O', which is the recommended setting.
 Specifying 'O' causes OFS to retrieve the original CREATE VIEW text that  is used by the User to create the view.
 If 'Y' is specified then all the column names in the CREATE VIEW  statement are brought back.
 If 'N' is specified then all the column names in the CREATE VIEW
 statement are replaced and implied in the SQL using '*'.

For Release R19 the setting was Y or N, however, on R20 the recommended setting is 'O'.