How do I control where VM:Secure places the 600-6FF disks?
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How do I control where VM:Secure places the 600-6FF disks?


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VM:Secure for z/VM


We are building a z/VM 7.1 system and inserting virtual machines from a z/VM 6.3 systems. We have DASD volumes that contain valid data but are not yet defined as mini-disks as we have not created the owning virtual machines. Occasionally VMSECURE sticks a 6xx disk on those volumes and steps on space that contains valid yet unassigned mini disks.

How do we control which volumes VM:Secure uses for the 6xx disks?


Release : 3.2

Component : CA VM:Secure for z/VM


You can put the extents for the volumes you want a person to use in a pool and indicate the user (which I assume is defined as a MANAGER) can only use that pool of DASD.

See DASD CONFIG (SUBPOOL and EXTENT records) and MANAGERS file (MANAGER record) documentation for further information.
For the common disks reallocation (6xx series of disks) things for VM:Secure are allocated according to VM:Secure's MANAGER's allocation set up/limits. 
In most cases, that is VMANAGER.
See below for my console when I updated the PRODUCT CONFIG which caused VM:Secure to create a new common disk:
VMXCMN0672I The Servant Facility is active. Attempting to create a new COMMON disk.
VMXADD0649I The owning manager of VMSECURE is VMANAGER and its allocation limits  will be referenced.
VMXMAN0579I Formatting new 0600 minidisk. Size is 3 , device is 3390.
VMXADD0552I Minidisk VMSECURE 0600 was defined and was formatted.
VMXADD0657I Allocation - subpool: POOL1, volume: SPACE1, device: 3390, location:  1804, size: 3 cylinders