Eclipse plugin issues: 1st retrieve elements, 2nd "Configuration file not found!" warning message, 3rd contextual menu "To Package", and 4th mixcase passwords for RACF.
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Eclipse plugin issues: 1st retrieve elements, 2nd "Configuration file not found!" warning message, 3rd contextual menu "To Package", and 4th mixcase passwords for RACF.


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Endevor Endevor - ECLIPSE Plugin


The client first reported that a warning message "Configuration file not found!" was displayed when Eclipse plugin was initiated. This was not stopping anything from working properly, but it was an unnecessary message to show in the screen.

The case, however, was opened because they had some elements that could not be retrieved to local after installing Eclipse version 18.1.2. After reproducing the error in-house, they reported that the proper use of packages was not possible in the plugin, as the contextual menu "To Package" was not displayed. Therefore, they could not perform Package actions to build SCL such as Generate, Delete or Move through Eclipse.

They also found that lower/mixcased passwords were not working when trying to login through Eclipse. Although this problem was found on the plugin, the problem was in the Web Services Endevor code (or RACF security product, but we are not in control of that).


Release : 18.0

Component : CA CM Enterprise Workbench


- 1st reported problem: If the entry stage in C1DEFLTS was defined as 2 instead of 1, and the types were not defined for the first physical stage of the map (the entry stage is 2 because 1 is not used), an error was invoked when retrieving elements in Eclipse. The error was introduced in Eclipse version 18.1.2 where the List Types call being used did not list all the types necessary for the project (a REST call to List Types with logical option was being performed by the Eclipse plugin).

- 2nd reported problem: A warning message showing "Configuration file not found!" is displayed in Eclipse when the plugin is initiated. 

- 3rd reported problem: To add elements to a package, the package needs to be In-Edit status 
and assigned to a project (in the package view, right click for the particular package and assign to the chosen project), so the package is set for the entire project. The problem appears here, as a contextual menu "To Package" should have appeared under the Project View with 
the available Package actions to build SCL actions (Generate, Delete, Move). The process is explained step by step in the following documentation:

- 4th reported problem: If MIXEDCASE option is not activated in RACF (i.e. NOMIXEDCASE is on), then lower or mixed case passwords are not supported when the security product used by the client is RACF. This occurs because RACF does not automatically uppercase the password inserted when NOMIXEDCASE option is on. The problem appears in Eclipse plugin because the first call when logging in is to the new /auth REST call that was introduced when MFA was developed. This new code introduced did not handle the case for RACF with NOMIXEDCASE for the /auth request (the other REST requests did not have this problem because the logic is different, and the case for RACF with NOMIXEDCASE was already coded in much before MFA was developed).


The 1st, 2nd and 3rd issue described in the cause section were fixed after the installation of Eclipse plugin version The 4th problem for the lower/mixcased password problem was fixed on APAR SO10944 for version 18.0 and S011104 for version 18.1.