Creating different reports on JasperSoft from the same Ad Hoc View


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I am having the following question regarding Jaspersoft for Service Management

I have created an 'Ad Hoc View', and from that view I created a report, the thing is that if I modify the 'Ad Hoc View', let's say, change the order of the columns, add columns or delete, the report that uses such ad hoc view would not update and will still have the information from the previous 'Ad Hoc View'.

So I do not know if I am doing something wrong here or if this is how is supposed to work.

I do not see the benefit of having to create "x" amount of reports from one 'Ad Hoc View' and then if I modify the 'Ad Hoc View', have to create all the reports again.


Release : 17.1



The difference between an 'Ad Hoc View' and a 'Report' is that people who are entitled to Ad Hoc can change the structure of the report, draw and add columns and filters for example, while reports do not, at most what the user can do is apply the filters pre-established, sort in columns and in the case of a table report do conditional formatting.

The fact that Ad Hoc does not change the report is because they can modify Ad Hoc and save it under another name and generate different reports but nothing prevents them from saving with the same name, in this case it would overwrite the existing report and not create another in this process it will be informed that the report already exists and that it will be replaced.




This occurs for example, when a department needs a report with the 'area' field while another department needs a report with the 'IC' field, for this reason you can create multiple reports from an Ad Hoc.