BGP peer table no entry for Huawei devices
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BGP peer table no entry for Huawei devices


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CA eHealth CA Spectrum


BGP Peer Table has no entries for Huawei device.



Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


In the BGP Peer Table subview it queries the standard BGP mib and not the Huawei vendor mib (hwBgpMIB).
That is the reason you are unable to see these in the subview out of the box.


The hwBgpMIB is supported in Spectrum. It means the attributes are available from the Huawei device model itself.

1. Select the Huawei device model
2. Click on the Attributes tab in the Component Detail panel
3. Query for hwBgp and you will see the attributes listed.

Additional Information

If you wish to see this information in a subview table, you can create your own custom subview table.
Please reference "OneClick Customization" section of the documentation located at the following.