Running Different Versions Of The Products


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Can  R19 and R20 run on the same lpar? If so, where are the instructions?



Release : 20.0

Component : Analyzer Common Services


To run two(2) separate releases(R19 and R20), you need to run two(2) separate
started tasks(PTXMAN) for the two different releases.
The main reason for this is because the PTXMAN started task needs to
reference the specific loadlib for the release you want to use.
The XMAN ids must be unique for each version. The xmanid is defined in the
started task JCL as well as the PDT member in HIGHLVL.PARMLIB(PDT).
As long as you have separate product execution libraries and plan names, you
should be good!
Just make sure to use different target datasets and plan names.
Multiple releases can coexist together with no problems by using a new &
different set of libraries & plans for the old release vs the new release.