14.3 IMPS CP1 upgrade issues
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14.3 IMPS CP1 upgrade issues


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CA Identity Manager


Post upgrade of imps, imps fails to start with the following error

Starting im_ps ...
Starting im_ps failed...


Release : 14.3

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Backup the 14.3 GA IMPS Files - Run all the following steps as root

  1. Make a temp directory in /tmp called improvisioning
  2. Run unzip /tmp/CP-IM-140300-0001/CP-IM-140300-0001/CP-IMPS-140300-0001/CP-IMPS-140300-0001/linux/improvisioning.zip
  3. Make a backup of bin, lib by doing the following:
  4. cd /opt/CA/IdentityManager/ProvisioningServer
  5. cp -a bin bin.orig
  6. cp -a lib lib.orig
  7. cd /opt/CA/IdentityManager/ProvisioningServer/data
  8. cp acfparse.ptt acfparse.ptt.orig
  9. cp acfparse.ptt acfparse.ptt.orig

Copy over the CP1 Files:

  1. Copy bin doing the following: rsync -a /tmp/improvisioning/bin/ /opt/CA/IdentityManager/ProvisioningServer/bin/
  2. Copy lib by doing the following: rsync -a /tmp/improvisioning/lib/ /opt/CA/IdentityManager/ProvisioningServer/lib/
  3. Copy the data files: cp /tmp/improvisioning/data/*.ptt /opt/CA/IdentityManager/ProvisioningServer/data

Change permissions:

  1. cd /opt/CA/IdentityManager/ProvisioningServer
  2. chown -R imps:imps bin
  3. chmod -R 775 bin
  4. chown -R imps:imps lib
  5. chmod -R 775 lib
  6. cd /opt/CA/IdentityManager/ProvisioningServer/data
  7. chown -R imps:imps *.ptt
  8. chmod -R 660 *.ptt

Start Provisioning Server

  1. su - imps
  2. cd /opt/CA/IdentityManager/ProvisioningServer/bin
  3. imps start

Additional Information

If you are running provisioning server from a location other than /opt/CA remember to edit the INSTALLDIR and SERVICE_CONFIG_FILE parameters in imps located in the bin directory. 

If provisioning server is running as a user other than imps, you must also change the SLAPDUSER in imps located in the bin directory.