Unable to connect to EEM
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Unable to connect to EEM


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) CA Workload Automation AE


We cannot connect to EEM User Interface 





EEM 12.6 on Windows


Reviewing the “igateway” logs and the “spin.conf” file showed the encountered problem was related to “spin.conf” file.

The “eiamspindle” section was missing in the “spin.conf” file.

The recommended solution is to restore the“spin.conf” file from a valid backup or get it from another server running the same version of igateway.

Please proceed by the following steps to install the "spin.conf" file restored from a backup or from a similar instance:

1. Stop the “itechnology igateway” Service as well as the "CA Directory (itechpoz)" Service.

2. Remove the current “spin.conf” and any “Spin_*” files from iTechnology folder.

3. Then copy the clean “spin.conf” file restored from a backup or taken from a similar instance to iTechnology folder.

4. Then restart the CA Directory (itechpoz) Service, and then the itechnology igateway Service.


Applying the above steps helped to resolve the issue. The EEM User Interface can be launched successfully.