e2e_appmon - known issues with MicroFocus Rumba


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


We had this e2e_appmon script running a little over a year ago.  Since then, the desktops (where the robot is installed) have been upgraded from Win7 to Win10.  Have been recently asked to get these scripts running again to see if it meets the needs of availability monitoring for their application. 

Script is fairly simple:

   1.)  launches Rumba session for the application

   2.)  selects a particular server for testing

   3.)  screen validation

   4.)  closes session, then window

I have rerecorded and compiled the script on the Win10 desktop.  It will launch the Rumba session - select the server - but then it crashed the Rumba session.  I am doing a capture on the screen, and it doesn't like it.  I have attempted to record that piece of the script again, and it crashes the session then also. - when it crashed, it forces me to close the session -

When I go to do a recapture of the window, it NOW doesn't see the entire window as it did before; not sure if that is part of the compatibility issue or not.


- Either Windows 10 security or wintask function capability


Release: UIM 8.51

Component : UIM - E2E_APPMON

controller - 7.95

e2e_appmon - 2.50

Robot is installed on virtual Windows 10 desktop; where the e2e script will be executing from MicroFocus Rumba - 9.5



Use an alternate wintask capture function (CaptureBitmap).

CaptureBitmap - Captures an image and stores it in a .BMP file