Download & Search Product Help (Mainframe & Enterprise)
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Download & Search Product Help (Mainframe & Enterprise)


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The following procedure describes how to download any product or software bundle in the Mainframe, Enterprise software divisions.


1. On the Product Download page, locate the appropriate software package under PRODUCTS and select the hypertext link. If needed, select the release, service pack, and language. Use the SEARCH field to search the products list by product name or keyword.

Note: Download options are also displayed when the product can be downloaded using Docker.

The Product Files page appears with two tabs: Primary Downloads and Additional Downloads if applicable.

The Primary Downloads tab shows the available product-specific packages. Mainframe products can include two types of packages. SMP/E JCL, which you can install using JCL or CA Chorus Software Manager. z/OSMF, which you can install using z/OSMF Deployments. If more than one package is available, you can only select one.

If applicable, the Additional Downloads tab contains common services, utilities, or other files that are associated with the product that you are downloading. For example: 

2. Review the primary downloads and additional downloads for the product that you specified. Use the SEARCH field to filter the results. Expand/collapse the contents as necessary.

3. Select the primary download package and additional download files that you want to include in the product download. To ensure that you have the correct files, do not select Add All to Cart or Download Package.

You can use one of the following download options:

  • Check the box for the product you want to download 
  • Download from an FTP link. Go to Step 5.
  • Download directly through a browser. Go to Step 6.

For information about these download options, see Download Methods & Locations.

4. If you selected product files, accessory files, or both navigate to the Download Manager page.

Review the product/component downloads on the Download Manager page

Click on Start Download to download.

To download the order, select FTP or HTTP/HTTPS via Browser (). Go to Step 5 to use the FTP download option for individual downloads, orders, and zipped files. Go to Step 6 to use the HTTP/HTTPS Browser download option. Use this option for individual downloads only. 

Note: FTP is the fastest and most efficient download method.

5. Download using FTP:

  1. Go to the following FTP site and login with your Broadcom Support online username (email) and password:
    A list of order directories is available in the root directory. To find the pax file number, hover over the order number.
    If you cannot access your files, request that your company configure permissions to access these servers.
  2. Download the Use one of the following input JCL samples to download an order. The full directory pathname is not required. Just specify the filename in the JCL. For example, DVD0123456789.pax.Z.

JCL to Download a Zip File

[email protected] Password
get <ordernumber>.zip/**your USS directory**/<ordernumber>.zip

Use the CAUNZIP utility to unzip the file and generate RECEIVE JCL. For information about this utility, see CAUNZIP Requirements.

JCL to Download Mainframe Product Installation Files

[email protected] Password
cd <ordernumber> get <filename>/**your USS directory**/<ordernumber>.zip

6. To download using HTTP/HTTPS, go to

Additional Information

For information about downloading and installing any product, see the installation instructions in the product documentation on

If you need further assistance, contact Broadcom Customer Care, or use our Virtual Agent chat in the lower-right corner of this website.