Performance Center services don't restart after reboot
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Performance Center services don't restart after reboot


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The Performance Management Performance Center services should restart on their own after a reboot. After rebooting the server, the services don't restart automatically requiring manual restart. Affected services are:

  • caperfcenter_console
  • caperfcenter_devicemanager
  • caperfcenter_eventmanager
  • caperfcenter_sso


All supported Performance management releases


The services relay on MySql being started before they are able to successfully be restarted. If it isn't started when the services start commands are issued, they'll fail to start and the restart won't be attempted again by the product.

Two possible causes exist:

  1. The MySql service process was running but the database wasn't fully started to allow connections.
  2. A script for the restart had an error causing a 7 second wait to check MySql state, instead of the intended 60 second wait.


With two possible causes, come two possible solution.

  1. A change was made starting with the r3.7.4 code that resolves the issue by checking not just that the MySql process is started, but that the database is accepting connections on the correct port. See the Additional Information for the defect involved.
  2. The affected script with the error is the (default path) /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/Tools/bin/ script. A small change to the script will resolve the problem. The script is expected to be updated in the pending Performance Management r3.7.9 release.
    1. The following line is where the error exists:
      • while [[ $counter < $maxattempts ]]
    2. To resolve it edit the script and change that line to the following, replacing the square brackets with parenthesis:
      • while (( $counter < $maxattempts ))
    3. Save the edits to the script, ensuring the user and group ownership, as well as the permissions assigned, don't change.
    4. Test by rebooting the server and confirming the services are restarted properly.

Additional Information

The following defect, seen in the r3.7.4 Fixed Issues list, addresses this problem.

Symptom: During install or upgrade, the installation process might fail during a check to see if MySql is running.  This is particularly true when using an externalized MySql as we are looking for the running process.

Resolution: The installation process has been improved to check if MySql is running by testing the MySql connection port instead of the mysql process.  This allows for the check to validate that MySql is available regardless of whether is it running on the same machine or a different machine.

(3.7.4, DE413399, 01340717,01337090)